About Us

Global Technology Connection Inc., founded 23 ago, is a small business located in Atlanta, GA. GTC engages in conducting research and development for governmental and private entities related to system modeling and simulations, data analytics, machine learning, deep learning, remote sensing & control, automation, advanced materials, additive manufacturing, and prognostics & health management of complex systems, IIoT, and digital twins. These solutions result in optimizing system designs, control, operations, and processes that result in increased productivity, reliability, machine uptime as well as reduced maintenance and operation costs.

GTC has built partnerships with major corporations and research institutions, including universities and national laboratories across the country, to transition novel technologies into products and to collaborate with leading experts to take on novel challenges in developing innovative products. GTC partners include Georgia Tech, Rutgers University, Univ. of Michigan, Cornell University, PNNL, LANL, Sandia, Lockheed, Boeing, GE.


GTC aims to be the prominent choice to rapidly develop and customize state-of-the-art niche software solutions that require physics modeling, data analytics, and machine learning techniques.